Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's New in Your Kitchen?

What's in your kitchen? Or better yet, what do you want new in your kitchen? For me personally, I could do some online window shopping for kitchen stuff for the majority of the day if I had the time. For instance new pots, pans and some bakeware is what I would be looking for right now.

Since the summer days have been way hotter than usual, I've been keeping cool indoors and just cruised around online to admire some new kitchen items. I did come across one website I liked called K & Co shop and they have a few homeware items that I were nice and a few that I never seen before. They had a lot of colorful kitchen items and that's the direction I want to go in is adding color to my kitchen without having to paint. Here are a few that I liked so far while just glancing through:

The color orange is nice and plus I like the grill marks in the frying pan. I never had a cast iron pan before, but I heard they are good to cook with. This is the JML Country Cookware set.

I don't know why I would buy this since I don't make casseroles, but I thought the dish looked cool, plus it's in my favorite color. This is Prestige This Morning Casserole Dish. 

I know my kids would love for me to make big ole cupcakes, so the JML Big Top Cupcake would be fun to bake with.

And I thought this frying pan was pretty cute. It's from Jamie Oliver and if you're not able to read what it says, on the bottom of the pan it says "I'm Cooking, You're Washing Up". Haha, love it!

Ok, your turn. What is on your kitchen wishlist that you would like to get?
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Petula said...

My oldest daughter loves to bake and I keep saying I'm going to get that giant cupcake mold for her. Good stuff you have pictured!