Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Brownie Post???

Yep, another one, but this one is a positive post. Since I had a box of brownies that had been stashed in the cabinet for a while and I had bought a new baking pan, not too long ago and thought I would try this again. Well after making sure the ingredients were mixed well, poured into the pan and left it baking at the correct time and temperature, the brownies came out moist and not gooey, gooey like they were before. I was tempted in getting that Perfect Brownie product that I seen some time ago to try it out so that the brownies would be at least in equal sizes. I can't go equally for the world.

Now I used a store brand kind of brownies and I added an extra egg to make them cake like, so I'm not sure if the brand and the extra egg made a difference or what. Maybe I will try and see how it will turn out with another brownie mix. A picture is included, I kept them in the pan as they I have a cover to put over it to keep them moist. And yes, that is half the pan already gone. Shows proof that it came out really well =)

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