Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Blog Look

So I have changed the way my blog looks and I really like it. I found a free template from a wonderful lady that does her own blogging templates. I think the new looks is a little better and has a more baking feel to it and it was light and airy.. lol.

I've been really missing in action for a good while now, but hopefully will be back soon. Just have been busy with my classes and home life and haven't been able to do much cooking. Well, I did do a recipe for strawberry cake I think it was. It was a white cake, topped with strawberries and covered with whipped cream topping. I made it for my sister in law and she really enjoyed it. That was my first time making it. I will have to find the recipe and post it for those that may be interested. Pin It

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Barbara said...

Hi there. Can you please tell me how you changed your layout on your blog. I am not happy with mine, and want one that does not have blogger at the top. Any help would be appreciated. Have a great evening.