Monday, May 25, 2009

Heat It Up Once Again

Yeah, I know. Been missing for some months now and sorry about that, just haven't been able to do some baking like I would like. Hopefully I will get to do somethings soon, especially for my son's birthday that is coming up in less than a week. He will be two, I'm happy and sad at the same time. Hoping to find something to bake even if it's a small cake for him or make some cupcakes to decorate. Anyway, during the summer I want to try some new things out of the Kraft Foods magazine that I received in the mail a few days ago. They have some yummy desserts and other things such as the frosty orange creme dessert or the keylime cheesecake or the peanut butter and fudge swirl pie. I'm already wanting to try these out already Can't wait to get back into the kitchen and bake again. Pin It