Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baking Treats for Gifts

This year, instead of buying gifts for friends and family, I'm planning on baking goodies for them like cookies and small cakes or something else, not quite sure yet. I have been looking about at the gift in a jar recipes in which I think would be nice to give out. I've seen a few where you can make cake mix in a jar to something simple as tea or hot chocolate mix. Anyone else planning to make food as a Christmas gift this year?

I've added a new blogger to my foodie blog roll if you would like to take a look at it. It's Vanilla Pumpkin - Homemade Baby Food Blog. There are also some other cool bloggers on my foodie blog roll as well. Pin It

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DivaMom said...

Saw your post on Blogging Fans. I had to visit your blog because I have never really BAKED! LOL I mean, I can read, so I am SURE I can bake...but never really tried.

Those mixes in a jar is a great idea! I've seen recipes online as well. I do make my own chai tea mix that I found online. :)