Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Little Brownie Help Please

So I need some advice from a brownie guru/expert about baking brownies. For some reason whenever I make them, the center seems to never bake. The out edges are baked through, but if I try to keep it in the oven longer then need be, the center is still gooey and the edges are hard as bricks. Anyone out there that could possibly tell me what may I be doing wrong. I don't remember having this problem at all before, but now it it's just a mess for me.

I'm thinking that maybe I should just follow the directions next time to make cake like brownies and see if they may solve my problem. It just if I just want to make regular brownies, they don't bake right.

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JV said...

Check out the Bake-Guru contact page...she can help you with your brownie questions.

Nicoyle said...

I will contact the Bake-Guru, thank you.