Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baker's Beginnings

I love to bake. I feel as it is a therapeutic thing that once processed can turn into something delicious and satisfying. I got my love in baking from my grandma. She was a farmer's housewife and she would normally do everything from scratch if possible. I would sit at the table and watch her dice, mix, roll something tasty into the oven and she would usually include me in it. My favorite smells were the freshly baked biscuits or sweet potato pie that lingered throughout the day after the goodies have been eaten.

So I only bake things here and there when I often get the time to, but really want to do it more often. This will be a blog of baking recipes, baking tips and other baking ideas that I may come across or try out for myself. There may be some cooking recipes and other savory items that I find yummy may as well.

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